XA5455H_side slit short sleeve

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Mô tả

200% collectible value,
unique slit design

side slit
short sleeve


Charre along the body line -
it's as soft as my own skin!

Its flexible and soft touch
gives you a pleasant fit every time you wear it.



Double the style & activity with the deep slit point-

The slit detail enhances the activity, so
you can freely perform various performance movements!

Lime Sorbet

Lime Sorbet

Make your body look prettier -
the charm of unbalanced length

The legs look longer and the unique unbalanced length that reduces the burden on the body stands out.

meadow violet

meadow violet

Easy on the bra top!
“Complete the cover-up look” with feeling

It's good to use it as a cover-up when it's burdensome to wear only a bra top.

salmon pink

salmon pink

From exercise to daily life -
free styling

Coordinating as you like, as sportswear over
leggings or daily wear over jogger pants .



The secret to comfortable fit,
“Fantastic harmony of softness and tension

A soft touch that you want to touch again and again!
It gives you a comfortable fit because there is no scratch, and
it has a sense of tension that stretches and increases your activity.


Don't get frustrated!
Neckline that puts comfort first

It is designed with a relaxed round neckline so that you can focus only on movement without tightening the neck .


Side slit points that look good in proportion

The deep slit not only enhances movement, but also
gives the effect of making the legs look longer when viewed from the side.


The difference in a single detail,
the specialness of an unbalanced length

The back length is slightly longer than the front length, so
the burden on the body is DOWN, and the stylishness is UP-


A point label that shows the identity of Jeximix

A Jeximix point label was added to the left sleeve
to clearly show the brand's identity.


size info

size / cm





Vai A3839.541
Ngực B4850.553
Viền dưới C46.54951.5
Tay áo D19.520.521.5
Chiều dài E50.5 /54.552 /5653.5 /57.5

Đơn vị: cm


Thông tin sản phẩm
Màu sắc: lack, Ivory, Salmon Pink, Lime Sherbet, Meadow Violet
Kích thước: S, M, L
Chất liệu sản phẩm: 82% polyester, 18% polyurethane
Nước sản xuất: Hàn Quốc
Nhà sản xuất: Brand X Corporation
Ngày sản xuất: 2023. 02
Yêu cầu AS: 1661-2811
Tiêu chuẩn đảm bảo chất lượng: 1 năm kể từ ngày nhận sản phẩm

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 XA5455H_side slit short sleeve
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 XA5455H_side slit short sleeve
 XA5455H_side slit short sleeve
 XA5455H_side slit short sleeve